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I told my 10 year old about Poly when he was struggling with being afraid to tell his dad some things about their relationship that upset him (he was actually 9 when this happened).

I told him that poly was about loving more than one person at one time. I told him some people don't agree with this and that it was very scary for me to tell daddy that I was poly-minded and was in love with GG as well, but we have to be honest with people, or we can never have REAL relationships with them.

**as a reference point, this child is VERY conservative generally speaking and while I don't attend church regularly, nor does his father, he does and he's VERY particular about following the "laws of God" etc etc**

He looked at me and said, "That's really dumb. The Bible even says we're all supposed to love each other, not just one at a time, but everyone loving everyone."

I thought he was confused (stupid me) and explained I meant a love that included sex.

He responded in his no-nonsense way, "Yeah, I know mom, but love is love, how you show it is personal."

Wow-what an awesome sign to me that I'm teaching these kids right.

I am "out" to my kids as I've said before and they all seem to be benefiting greatly from having Maca, GG and myself here caring for them altogether.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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