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Thanks, evad... she's now back on FB, posting like nothing happened. The roller coaster ride begins again. Sigh.

Camping weekend starts today - looking forward to hitting the Highland Games, seeing a friend of mine whose husband works the event every year, and to having a nice time camping. Not starting off as well as I'd like, though.

Took the day off and, after our last powwow, M1 and I had talked about her coming up some time in the morning, so we could hit some shops, get some lunch on the road, then head up. So, when she asked P what time, I said, "Whenever," thinking whenever THIS MORNING.

Lesson learned. I shall come up with an exact time before we get together next.

It's almost 1pm, and she left around 1/2 hour ago. The drive up to my house is about 1.5 - 2 hours, then it's another 1.5 hours after that, not including the time to load up the car. I don't think we'll be doing much antiquing on the way if we want to get the campsite set up before P gets there. And then shopping for food for the weekend.

Considering work is extremely busy and I've been fielding emails all morning (finally receiving an official counter-offer for someone we've been trying to retain, AND wrap up a software release that has to be done, oh, MONDAY), I'm especially annoyed that I took the entire day off. Working a half-day would have gone a LONG way to having things go a bit more smoothly at work.


It's easy to gripe about the "what if" but honestly, if I'd left this morning, work would still be the same, and I'd still have gotten through it. I probably wouldn't have been able to keep up on my emails as easily, either, so it's probably not a bad thing that I'm still sitting at home. I have to turn the TV off, though, before I throw the remote through it. There's only so many "BUT HE'S THE BABY DADDY!!!" shows I can flip through before turning homicidal.

Anyway, I'm trying to not start the trip in a crabby mood (I already vented to P, when he expressed surprise about what time she finally left), so I figured I'd vent and move on. I'm aggravated, but I now know what to do next time. She's pretty good at keeping appointments when there's an actual time attached.

Time to look forward to men in kilts throwing heavy objects, food, music, and fun. And kilts. Did I say kilts? Grrowr.
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