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Red face

Originally Posted by Spokanepoly View Post
ugg my first night with my wife staying with her BF was terrible for me lol. I was a wreck and I didn't sleep at all. I wanted her to go and have fun but I just couldn't get it out of my mind and I couldn't seem to distract myself enough lol. I went and played pool for hours and went out to dinner instead of sitting home, couldn't find any friends to hang with at the time. I think I understand the feeling

Thanks so much for this!! I feel a little less crazy now, but still the last couple days have been shaky. I assume it's gotten easier for you since that night? Did you learn anything from your struggle that helped you the next time? Or does it just get easier with time? Both? What was her return home like?
under-30 cis femme- and queer-identified female. in a primary relationship with G, genderqueer female, with separate apartments. I also have a FWB, N, that I see every few months. K is a member of a 2012 triad that has since ended.
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