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Thanks for your replies, everyone! I've been obsessively reading threads here and herpes sites all over the web.

So Ginger had his 2nd date with Mischa and even though she spent the night, they kept their pants on and didn't kiss again. Turns out the lesion she had on their last date was the first one she had in 2 years.

He also found out that she's recently broken up with 2 partners and one potential. The potential was a married guy and he called it off as soon as she told him her recent HSV 1 and 2 diagnosis. The other 2 breakups were not due to her herpes. But one of these guys, R, had been diagnosed with HSV 2 recently, and that is why she got tested for it. Of course, she doesn't know if he passed it to her or if she picked it up along the way.

He hadn't had a flareup in years, but had one while they were together and I guess finally had himself tested for the first time.

So, Mischa was kind of a mess the other night with Ginger, crying over her recent breakups and her diagnosis. She'd gotten a scrip for an antiviral but hasn't started taking it yet. Her doc recommended taking it if she feels a flareup coming on. She didn't discuss taking it daily to lessen asymptomatic shedding. Since there is a risk of transmission even without a lesion coming on, if it were me, I'd be taking them daily if I was dating new people.

So, Ginger and I are due for having STD screens. We've both had STD tests before but found out they don't necessarily test you for either HSV 1 or 2 unless you tell them you are at risk. My gf miss pixi, however, has always insisted on a full panel of tests and has never been positive for HSV of either kind. If I test pos for either will I begin antivirals to protect her? If Ginger tests positive for either, will he start taking antivirals to protect us, while he gets the green light to have sex with Mischa? I've never had any lesions, neither has he.

miss pixi told me she thinks many insurance co's will only cover a small amount of the antivirals, not cover a daily dose. If this is the case, taking it daily for any of us will probably be out of the question! I'm not spending hundreds of $ out of pocket to cut a 2% chance of transmission to 1%.
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