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I think those things are largely dependent on lifestyle. Eg. A single professional person might find it easier to meet people in their day to day life than a single SAHP. I know that as a SAHM myself, the likelihood of me dating someone already in my social network is slim to none: it would almost feel incestuous at this point because we have all hung out for so long. The most likely ways for me to meet people right now would be online dating, join a munch\poly group, whilst out socialising with existing friends (perhaps a stranger I meet or an acquaintance of a friend). All of these methods of meeting someone involve getting to know someone pretty much from scratch. I'd hazard a guess that the vast majority of people with a similar lifestyle with me is more or less in the same boat. By a certain age, your social group becomes sort of static, and unless you work or have the time to socialise relatively often, you'll rarely meet new people.
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