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Welcome smigle!~ *laughing* I'm sorry, I couldn't keep myself from bursting out laughing the moment I saw your name, I immediately thought it was pronounced "Sm"ee"gol" as the man that Hobbit was before he became corrupted by the One Ring and turned into "Gollum" in Lord of The Rings series!~ ^_^ XD

Welcome to the polyamory forums!~ ^_^

You could take a look at my profile: I have a link to my OkCupid profile, I'm always looking to make new friends and maybe lovers.~ ^_^

I am a Sailor, so I will be traveling all of this planet, so I could be in your backyard in less than year.~ ;3

Here's my OkCupid profile link in case you're interested:

I also recommened using OkCupid WITH these forums, it can help out A LOT!~


Welcome and I hope you have a great time!~

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