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This was at a different show. Fun times.

(photo:Mike Mulley)

This picture was taken at the end of a song called Othering the Horny.

Basically the chorus goes
"the Horny people should die, all of the horny people should die. There's one little fact in the great big world which nobody can deny... and that's that the horny people should die, all of the horny people should die, they should die! Die! DIE!"
Then at the end of the song we all died. The first time the band did that without telling me ahead of time. Nice surprise there.

In that same show I also got to rap "How you gonna go and ask me out and try to keep it on the low.... I told all my girlfriends about you. I guess you're keepin me a secret though."

and "If you wanna be my girlfriend okay, yeah, that's cool. But if my girlfriend calls you can't be rude. That's the only rule. Oh, and do unto others as you'd have done unto you. Oh and communicate what you'd do unto others. I guess that's a rule too."

Fun times.
me n the band, singin our song
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