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Default Hints given

B called S last night, I answered the phone in friendly manner and spoke with him for a few minutes. S was in the shower at the time, when she got out she came on the phone.

S spoke with B for about 10 minutes. B is in the habit of phoning from his car as he is on the way home - he tries to keep S from K as much as possible. K is from a background that is quite traditional and (so I am given to understand) she is very much the possessive and jealous type. Interesting that B is already acting covertly prior to anything happening.

S was able to drop some hints to B (our boy was still awake at the time) that our relationship has entered "a new paradigm". She was not able to be more explicit at that time, but B is a smart guy, very intuitive so he probably picked up on S and the vibe she was putting out. Its fascinating to watch how S is setting things up

I have no doubt that something is going to come of all this, its only a matter of time. How will I react? I believe I'll be OK. Despite having been intensely jealous in the past, the process S and I have been through these past 2 weeks has started something new and important; in fact I believe that being open and 100% supportive of each other is now crucial to our continued emotional development. In short, we have started down this mutual path together and we cannot now turn back.

Speaking for myself, I feel more at peace in myself than I have for a long, long time. Going through this decision and dealing with emotional pain as it arises has helped me (and her as well) release the co-dependency we once had. We now both feel more free and happy than ever. And I can discuss her need to have sex with B without melting down - that would NEVER have been the case before. I can even look forward to it on her behalf because I know how important it is to her.

There is so much I want to go into regarding the spiritual aspect of our beliefs and approach to life, but that will need to wait for another time.

Thanks again for reading.

Me: A, male, 39.
Her: S, female, 36, my LTR of 14 yrs.
A and S both straight.
Ours: one beautiful 3 yr old child.

Relationship status: recently opened.

Mine: not yet
Hers: B, male, 38, straight. A past love interest of S (unconsummated, with close calls) recently back in S's life.
B married to K, both mono. B has only hints of our open status.
B would probably have an affair with S if she pursued it - she is very sexy and seductive

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