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Default My Rap Name is Alex

On Saturday I think me and my band performed in front of our largest audience to date. (Possibly second largest, but I'm guessing largest). This is the only photo we have that gives any indication of the crowd, and this angle just shows a small fraction. It was easily over a thousand people. The monitor mix was really terrible so it was hard to tell how we sounded as we were performing but tons of people keep complementing us on it so I guess it must have sounded pretty good.

Any time I get to rap about how we can "love the Muslims AND the Jews" and how "IMF Funds and World Bank loans... That's what started your Class War" to that big of a general audience I feel pretty good about the direction my life is headed.

I kinda like this cause you can kinda see people in the crowd waving their hands on the Jumbotron.

You can see the snow. Our guitarist and bassist really gutted it out playing stringed instruments in the freezing.
me n the band, singin our song
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