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I know there have been a few posts on here, not too far in the past about HSV2 - I know its harder for a woman to give it to a man, there still seems to a a chance that having one or the other strain helps protect you somewhat from getting the other.

I have one partner who tested "indeterminate" with two western blot tests after getting a very low positive blood test (apparently at a range that often is a false positive for people) - if he is positive he likely got it from somebody who didn't tell him she had it until she'd been sleeping with him a couple weeks 25 years ago - he's never had a visible breakout. We are just left in limbo since the U of W can't give us a firm Yes/No on if he is positive or not. I also have two partners who stand by the fact that they will stop having a sexual relationship with me if I get it from him or elsewhere (have some feelings about that one...).

Except the above other relationships ending, I don't have any bad feelings about the potential to get it - with 1/5 men and 1/4 women being positive for HSV2, I am careful but know it's a risk. Personally I would see wanting to request a partner using antivirals they were having active outbreaks.

Anyway, HSV2 is one of the reasons I don't engage in casual sex since I like the partners I have and would like to keep them in my life, and don't really want my partners to (especially since two of them would ya know, stop having sex with me if I got it - I'd be bothered if they gave it to me after saying that) since condoms don't protect totally against it (90% per incident I think I remember? eh, the other threads have much more detailed stats). Hmm, not so sure this was helpful, its one of those days.
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