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I tend to let it be known.

What I mean is, if Maca and or GG has an overnight planned (with or without a date); I will let my closest friends/families know.
What that does, is allow them to know that (at least one of) my primary "back up for emergencies" is not going to be here.

So if something comes up, whether emotional or physical, they aren't shocked if I call and need help.
I may just need to talk, maybe go for a walk, maybe a ride or someone to accompany me to take a kid to the hospital-whatever. It won't matter, because they are already attuned to the fact that my primary back up isn't in residence at the moment.

JUST KNOWING that helps a lot. Most of the time, I don't ever call. But, it's the sense that I COULD and someone would be there if I did.
Less dependent on Maca or GG to be the one I call.
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