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Thinking that my sister is going to wind up dead sooner rather than later, and that there is nothing my family can do about it. Talk about frustrating and helpless.

A couple days ago, I got a series of texts from her BF (who, surprise surprise, is dealing meth) that she had gone on a meth bender, after which, she ended up holed up in a bathroom, screaming about the people with guns who were after her. She was taken to the hospital and admitted to the ICU, which surprised me, as they said her vitals were good (and she was discharged the next day).

P explained that when his ex had threatened suicide, she had been admitted to the ICU on suicide watch. We're speculating that's what happened here.

I live halfway across the country from her (she's in OK, I'm in NH) and can physically do nothing. Any money that gets sent to her vaporizes into a black hole, and she winds up homeless, jobless, and high over and over again. She keeps asking to come back home and live with my mother (who is dealing with breast cancer and chemo), or now my other sister in NC.

And I want to scream "NOOOOOOO, DON'T LET HER DO IT!" Especially after reading up on the long-term effects of meth. She needs professional help.

So, I have names and numbers of drug treatment facilities near her location and I plan to keep feeding those to her. I don't know what else to do at this point.

Nothing like watching someone in your family killing themselves with drugs, and feeling like you have to remain at arms length to protect yourself and your loved ones from its effects.

Big weekend is coming up with P & M1 - camping, Highland Games, all that. Not feeling the "yay" right now to post about it, but hopefully it'll be a nice distraction. Fingers crossed.
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