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Originally Posted by CattivaGattina View Post
As much as I would want to say yes, I know I shouldn't and possibly end up getting hurt again, I can't. There's too much of me that not only wants but needs him in my life. I mean even to the point that I'm willing to allow limitations consistently put on our relationship as long as it means I get to be with him.

I wouldn't say he's my soul mate perse, but we make each other whole some way.
CG, I'm pulling for you. I hope you know that.

And now for the blunt part.

This is codependent and unhealthy. As long as you are willing to accept unhealthy limitations, unhealthy behavior, then you will be in unhealthy relationships (with Seven or with others).

I bolded the part above because I see this damaging idea everywhere. Two broken people in a relationship are still two broken people. They cannot fix each other. Seven cannot fix what ails you and you cannot cure him of his ills.

You are already a whole person. You can support each others movement towards growth and healing. You can make each other better in some way. But another person can never provide wholeness. That can only come from within.
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