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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I thought that was one of the main points of BDSM... therapy. Have you read
Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I have found it therapeutic. Not for cutting-I don't do knife play.
But addressing emotional residual issues due to a prior violent encounter & also my phobia of water/suffocation.
I have problems with the idea of BDSM as therapy. It can have that effect for many people. But generally, if you [generic you] need therapy, then go to a therapist. (I know this is not easy or readily available.) I think the risks for BDSM as therapy can be high. For example, I can see the scenario CattivaGattina of having Seven using knife play and cutting to address her urges to cut as possibly going really badly and causing more damage. It could also go just fine or have little effect. There is no way to know. And that is a problem. Yes, therapy can be hit or miss too. But it is unlikely to re-traumatize someone the way an intense BDSM scene gone badly wrong can.

I adore knife play. It is one of my favorite things. BDSM for me is not about therapy or self-improvement or similar goals. It's fun and sexy. People do use it for therapy. But, IMHO, they are playing with fire.

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