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I know from what Josie said, it was clear that the girlfriend did not have a say about that decision at all. And it isn't like work at all, he was asked to restrict his contact with his girlfriend until Josie came to terms with him staying with his other partner. That's about one person's feelings influencing and dictating the pace and nature of someone else's relationships.

I'll again quote what Marcus said because I think it sums up my feelings on it nicely:

Personally hearing that there was a rule, temporary or otherwise, agreed upon by "the couple", which directly impacted me, I would immediately consider that to be a flag. Maybe not a deal breaker red flag, but you could be sure I would be keeping a very close eye on any control issues coming from that camp. A couple of weeks is a relatively short period of time, but it suggests that there might be an insecurity problem and that there is certainly some level of couple privilege going on there.
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