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Originally Posted by london View Post
In this instance, Josie got a say in how often her husband sees his girlfriend, her husband got a say in how much he sees his girlfriend, but the girlfriend never got a chance to say how much she would like to see her boyfriend.
How do you know that she didn't? You don't. They may both have known how often she wanted to see him before they had their negotiation discussion, considered it, but negotiated and made their choices. In fact, it sure sounded like the new potential girlfriend (after only two or three dates, I would be hard-pressed to think of her as a girlfriend) told them what she wanted when she threw a hissy fit! Oh, she made sure they knew!

Look, it's no different than if he were single and said to her, "I've got a really busy work schedule, I can only see you once a week." He is presenting what he is able to offer her. It doesn't matter (to her) where the restriction comes from. She was presented with the reality of his situation and had total choice in what to do about it. Accept, negotiate, or walk away. Simple. I do not see how that somehow translates to her not being able to state what she wants - of course, she could have stated what she wanted at any time (and it sounds like she did!) but that is still no guarantee she would have gotten what she wants.
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