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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
Something caught my eye in another thread I was reading, the BDSM one. Mono, you referred to the 'culture' of BDSM and I wondered. What define's 'culture' and 'community' in the poly sense? Can you be part of the poly culture and not the community? Just thinking out loud

Now THAT is a wonderful, interesting question !
My mind was wandering in that direction the other day when I got into that mode (again) of trying to better understand all the divisiveness in the world - and why it seems to be growing rather than abating.

I look at the race issues.
I look at the GLTB issues
I look at stuff I see taking place in the poly world
I look at religious cultures

It seems to mostly come down to just that. "Culture"
It's not the actual color of a persons skin that causes a divide.
It's not where a person care to put their tongue during sex

It's all about the myriad of little things that seem to become common among any group. It's speech, music, dress, food preferences, beliefs etc etc. These are 'culture" and for any of us a particular 'culture' may just rub us wrong. It just feels .....unappealing.

So you now are faced with the challenge of how to allow a "community" to start, grow and thrive by somehow embracing, or at LEAST providing space (respectfully) for different 'cultures' within that community.

Granted - it's not always easy.
So it's easier not to even try !

But somehow - THAT 'culture' just feels..........unappealing.

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