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Thanks for the examples, MonoMale, language is interesting for sure. It seems to have a life of its own.

Originally Posted by MonoMale View Post
Any discussion on language fluidity opens up a can of worms somewhere along the line.
I am sure that fluidity is hotly debated among linguists. However, in this context, I was merely pointing out what language fluidity actually *is* and what it is *not*. It is *not* the insistence that a word mean something which it clearly doesn't.

Conversation is much easier when people don't treat words as precious, in my opinion. If I get the impression that I am using a word or phrase incorrectly I look it up. If I can't figure out whether or not I'm using it correctly even when I'm looking at the definition then I will search for a synonym I *DO* know how to use and substitute that one instead!

Even though I may seem like it on these boards, I'm really not a semantics Nazi; it isn't an interest of mine. I prefer to keep language simple and efficient, so that I can be sure my intended message is being received. On a discussion board, however, it becomes very difficult to have a reasonable conversation when people refuse to use concise language (which is readily available, by the way)... so I push back about it.
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