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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hi RS,

To me, in my experience dealing with MANY people open to discussing such things I've found this.

1> There have been people abused
2> There are people who WANT to feel abused - but weren't.
3> There are people who WERE abused but never realized it - no impact until someone put a light on it.
4> There were people who weren't abused, but maybe should have been (depending on your definition of 'abuse')

It's all really a convoluted mess, tangled up in religion, societies' rules about sexual conduct, mass media etc etc etc.

Whenever I get brought into such discussions I try to ask.......
How would it have been viewed (whatever the claim) in 5000 BC ?

Something like that.

I am confused about this post.

Who are the many people? In what context?
does 1-4 relate to poly sites/ people?
Are you trying to define abuse?
and what do you mean bring it back to 5000 BC?

To be honest - I don't understand how this relates to the question about abuse coinciding with open relationships.

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