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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You really aren't getting it. I think you would be better off doing some research at FetLife and other kink sites before making glib comments like that when someone posts with a serious question about a serious issue. I am not really a kinkster, but curious about it, and whenever I have come to this thread with questions and given my opinions on things, I've always done so with respect. I would recommend you do the same, because your last two posts in this thread didn't come across as nice, respectful, or even seriously curious.

ColorWolf, if you don't get it, learn, if you don't like it, don't watch. Its kinda like most things.. I don't understand christians or the US militarys' mandates. I don't go passive agressively bashing those two things at every turn. I did my time trying to figure it all out, it still doesn't make sense to me, so I have stepped away.

Don't be disrespectful to those of in that community. It would be like someone coming onto the poly forum, not quite understanding poly and mocking it in every way.

Not cool.

and please, don't complain about being misunderstood again. You aren't.. (for the record in communication half the communication is the sender, it is your responsibility to be understood, this doesn't mean to say sorry, it means to ensure you are clear and concise within the power of your language)
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