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Originally Posted by qwair View Post
We must have a very different definition of poly then
Whenever possible I prefer to use words for what they actually mean.

Originally Posted by qwair View Post
and wants to see me in a don't ask don't tell arrangement. At best I would call that non-monogamous, but I sure wouldn't call it poly, because it really goes against some values I associate with poly which I though she and I shared.
The fact that polyamory has more criteria *to you* does nothing to the definition of the word. What you have a problem with is polyamorous arrangements (or any non-monogamous arrangement, I presume) which functions with a DADT policy.

As it happens, that is also not my style of polyamory and I don't involve myself in those kinds of relationships.

Originally Posted by qwair View Post
There's no need to be mean.
You thought I was being mean? I was actually going out of my way to be nice because you seem like a level headed enough person who is just having some issues.

If you think *that* was mean, you should probably skip past my posts because I don't make a habit of coddling.
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