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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
This is a very adult way to look at it.
Why, thank you.

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Regardless of the period of time the restriction was to encompass, how much time was allowed, or any other aspect of the rules... it comes down to my decision as an individual to either allow this influence into my life or not. Whining and complaining about it simply suggests the maturity level of the person.
Yup. The fact that there is any agreement between two people is none of my business. How it could potentially affect me, is my business. Ranting and raving about it, calling them names, and getting all indignant serves no purpose. They are living their lives, and I'm living mine. They are not preventing me from making any decisions - they are simply presenting the situation from their viewpoint. Essentially the question becomes: am I willing to invite that into my life and, if so, how do I take care of myself to deal with the possible consequences?
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