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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Is she aware of this idea:

If not, why not?

If yes, does she consider this him / you demonstrating "caring behavior" toward her?

Are you able to see the skewed power dynamic here?

Did you consider asking each player for their willingness/ability to continue to participate in this polyship in a healthy way? What was the outcome of your consideration?

No, I do not see the power dynamic here. Please elaborate? If it pertains to my husband's idea on getting custody, that is his idea and his plan. It was not and is not mine. The only thing I am attempting to do is better the communication between all and ensure all involved can be happy.

Though I do know she has said that a lot of times she feels inadequate because she is unable to communicate at and on the same level and same wavelength my husband and I do with each other. This is not a power dynamic, but rather the way she is?

I just know that I am fighting to get everyone involved to communicate openly in order to make this work. I did ask all parties involved if they are willing to continue to participate in this poly relationship in a healthy way. They all agreed with me that there needs to be better communicate between ALL parties involved, not just between her and him or me and her, but ALL of us. She has been trying to work on it, but she has only been working on it towards me. She still goes off on my hubby quite a bit. He has attempted to gain better communication with her, but hasn't tried that hard. He is willing to be involved in the poly relationship for his own reasons (the ones I tried to explain as being his reasoning in previous posts). I'm willing for several reasons myself (being as I have always been open to poly, care for her, want the kids here, want everyone to be able to be happy and fulfilled and be able to have a wonderful life all together). She wants it because she cares for him and I and because she knows we are trying to help her.
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