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What Mags said. Very easy to use a diaphragm. You don't actually have to fill it up with spermicidal jelly (as Tonberry put it), just cover the inside surface and outer rim with it (I didn't want you to have the impression that you're putting a big full thing sploshing over with jelly up there). It can be messy, but not too much. The important thing is that it fits properly and doesn't tear or get holes (obviously). The problem with spermicide is that it can be irritating to some people.

My main BC for years were IUDs - I've had several copper sevens, one Progestisert, and one copper T. I prefer the ones with copper. My periods were always sort of heavy and longish, with over a month in between, but they did not get worse on them. Eventually my cycle got wonky when I hit perimenopase, sometimes heavy sometimes not, and never knew when it was coming. But I still recommend IUDs and would get another if I still needed BC, but I'm in menopause and no longer fertile.
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