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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
If she really brought it up in such an in your face, do what I want or I'm gone manner as you portray, I would tend to think there were reasons she felt she HAD to come on so strong. What sorts of things had she asked for previously to this, or expressed desires for? Were there other times you and your wife told her she couldn't have things she asked for?

Again, my reading of your story suggests that you and your wife, perhaps, were the ones with the issues, to which she was reacting. My guess is there was an atmosphere to begin with in which she felt she couldn't discuss things openly.
I think there is a disconect here between us. We were the ones with the issues, I haven't denied that. As I have stated several times, our lack of knowledge on this was clear. My attitude towards this situation has taken a dramtic turn since I first posted and that is because of the articles and things that people have presented to me. I didn't see things from her side and I didn't react in the right way. I still maintain that she could have helped the situation by approaching it differently, I don't know if we created an atmosphere where she didn't feel comfortable....I certainly hope not, that was never our intent.
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