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Originally Posted by evad View Post
A good slap in the face would do me good right about now.
Really didn't mean it that way, it just seemed like an overreaction to online messaging responses. I see it far too often, that people read all sorts of hidden messages in what picture is posted or who they are talking to, etc. Believe me it's easy to get sucked into the the "OMG, she/he hasn't responded to my messages in ___ hours". I do it too, but I realize it's a knee jerk reaction and must be reasonable.

If she is already uncomfortable with you seeing new women and you are removing pictures of her from your fb (or such), for the benefit of these other "possible" women, I can see where she would now feel like she's becoming your dirty little secret or and that she no longer matters - even if that's not the reality. She is obviously not comfortable with the situation and the path you want to go on. Are you steaming ahead and expecting her to catch up or have you been trying to slow down to her speed? Sorry, didn't read your whole blog here.
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