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Thanks for your suggestions Kevin. Reading through the resources here has been very helpful and has raised new considerations that weíre discussing and hadnít previously considered.

C discussed the matter with her therapist this morning as she felt this was needed information for understanding her. Weíre now re-examining aspects of our relationship as she has both recognized my deep love for her and what she is seeking in potentially adding a boyfriend and why a new love is either needed or desired given what we already have?

This is an aspect of polyamory that Iím still trying to get a sense of. Love her and desire to see her happy and fulfilled and donít doubt her ability to love both me and another - But if Iím mono oriented and sheís poly, would loving another add or dilute our love?

I wonder with both excitement and concern at what the answer would or will be. Iím hoping to find what other mono-poly couples weigh in on their experiences.

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