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Originally Posted by MsChristy View Post
You did indeed in your last sentence when you said that you have "read other threads on here about STD's." I just was unclear by that if you were insinuating that HSV was also an STD.
I edited. But yes, I do consider herpes to be a sexually transmitted disease. It can be spread by kissing, oral sex or intercourse.

Since Mischa got it as a kid, who knows.... a kiss from an uncle, a slobber from another toddler. Sharing a drink.

But if she doesn't have any lesions that would shed in her groin area, so risk of your partner developing a HSV outbreak on himself down there would be slim.
My understanding is you don't need a lesion to shed. That is why it is called asymptomatic shedding.

Also, just the idea of a man having sex with boxers on sounds impractical.
Huh, I dunno. I've had sex in a hurry with guys who left their underwear on and just took out their cock. It's not ideal, and I don't know if it's worth it to Ginger to have to do that with her.

While I am all for safe sex, I feel as if you are viewing this as more of a risk during actual penetrative sex than it actually is.
It's a big deal when you're fluid bonded and poly. I may be overreacting. I just don't know if we need all this bother just for him to have a roll in the hay with her... I'd reconsider being fluid bonded with him if he does decide to fuck her. He's even told me he'd reconsider going back to condoms if I found a new partner... never mind testing results, so I don't want some kind of double standard.

Ginger LOVES kissing too though. Would he choose to kiss her over getting to kiss me and miss pixi? Is being with yet one more woman that important to him?

FTR, I am not dating any others now, for emotional reasons.
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