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Is she aware of this idea:

My husband has the idea to let her stay with us and then at tax time when he claims them on taxes to prove he and I have been supporting the kids, then we have a better chance of getting them. Since she has no home, job, or anything other than custody payments we have better grounds to fight for them. This also makes it easier as they will be able to say they enjoy staying with us more than with her alone.
If not, why not?

If yes, does she consider this him / you demonstrating "caring behavior" toward her?

she has no home, job, or anything other than custody payments.
I just wish she would have let us know this before it started causing issues for her and all of us.

Are you able to see the skewed power dynamic here?

Did you consider asking each player for their willingness/ability to continue to participate in this polyship in a healthy way? What was the outcome of your consideration?


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