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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I don't believe I used the term STD at all.
You did indeed in your last sentence when you said that you have "read other threads on here about STD's." I just was unclear by that if you were insinuating that HSV was also and STD.

Right. She's never had a lesion anywhere else. The HSV 2 diagnosis came as a complete and unpleasant surprise
It is unfortunate, but unfortunately anyone that is having recurrent mouth sores or recurrent lesions elsewhere should be tested.

Well, I dunno. There can be asymptomatic shedding at any time, which can result in transmission. Taking antiviral meds and using a condom can reduce risk. Somewhere I read if the man wears a condom AND boxers during sex, to cover his balls and upper thighs, it can also help.
But if she doesn't have any lesions that would shed in her groin area, so risk of your partner developing a HSV outbreak on himself down there would be slim. Also, just the idea of a man having sex with boxers on sounds impractical. While I am all for safe sex, I feel as if you are viewing this as more of a risk during actual penetrative sex than it actually is.
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