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I shouldn't even post. I know that I am in 24 hour hormone overload and all will be fine tomorrow. I have strong emotions leaking out of every pore, and rationality is out of sight.
Saw Prof last night. He bought up okc dating so I said I had meet someone. "How are you going to fit a third in?" I reply with my new dating shift, no more crumbs ' (thanks again nycindie), priority goes to those who make me a priority. The first part is all pretty good.

WelllllllllllllThen it all comes out. S wants to have weekends with her new beau, so that is in negotiation, no way overnights will be taken off the table. He is "frustrated" that we don't see each other enough. Wants to maximize the time on declared dates, wants to schedule a weekend hotel night ( whoo hooo) and wants me to come away for a work weekend. He will cover all costs, nice hotel etc and pay me for my work time. and it will involve physical labour.
The dude is really trying.

Next, how would I label our relationship? This question from a man?
I said "lovers" , he came up with a funny list and then said. "I would call you my secondary but S wouldn't like that, so I agree with lover."
Then a lot about the strong emotional connection he has with me.

I was gobsmacked, possibly all the girly hormones flying free??????? Are they infectious?

I will need to look up multiple definitions of secondary to see which one I like best

Also some interesting comments about how I would not make a good mono, the door is opened, you like variety and very high expectations for sex. Hard to see where one person could match all that. Doesn't want to know who I am dating, just that I am practicing safer sex.

Which reminds, Frankendates. Will explore that later.

Then Yo starts with the texts, will continue that later. Lots of later. Should be studying
Me: mid 40s female
Mr Dom: late 40s. 6 months
Prof: 50s. 3 years.
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