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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
SERIOUSLY? This sounds like teenage girl drama for the sake of drama. Jeesh, I don't always answer people right away either, because it distracts me from what I'm in the middle of, neither will I ignore someone else that I'm currently chatting with just because someone else needs their ego stroked. I've also been know to leave fb open and walk away, do other things, etc. If it was that URGENT, pick up the phone an make a voice call. To me, this would be a screaming RED FLAG that this is someone I need to back far away from. Why was this such a BIG deal?
In the absolute base sense you are correct. We do go some time without responding to messages, via email, text, or im.

However, this (meaning social chat) is so far out of the realm of normal. We have been doing this for damn near every day for two years. It has never happened. Add in all the other stuff and I'm scared.
edit: It was not a BIG deal. It was a detail.

I totally get that it could be nothing. Well, that's not true. It's something. We haven't figured out what yet. But our relationship has changed.

I do need to make clear this is my thoughts. I made no actions. I didn't complain. I didn't say, mention, or imply that I didn't hear from her. I'm confused, and changes don't make me any less confused.

The fight was solely about me saying there could be other women in the future. She is adamant about a DADT. If I mention another woman (my wife excluded) she will not be able to deal with it and we are done.

I do appreciate your candor though. A good slap in the face would do me good right about now.
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