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Originally Posted by Bluebird View Post
No one I know has ever used a diaphragm. Are they really difficult to put in and stay in? I am interested in this as an option, for sure. Are they messy?
No, they arent that difficult to put in. I used to do it in bed during foreplay. You just take it out of the case, eyeball it against the lamp to check for holes, squirt in some spermacide, rub some of it around the edge, fold it in half and shove it up there, checking w fingers to make sure it's in place. It came with a weird sort of lever thing to put in up in against the cervix, I guess for people who don't want to put their actual fingers in their vag, but I never used it.

You'll insert it in the dr's office when you first get it. She'll leave the room, you put it in, she comes back in and checks to see if you got it in the right spot, fully covering the cervix.

There's no mess, per se. A little spermacide on your fingers is easily wiped away on a tissue or towel you have there for typical sex fluids.

A diaphragm also comes in handy to keep blood mess down when having sex during your period.

Sometimes I could feel the pressure of the diaphragm inside me and would feel relief when 8 hours had gone by and I could take it out. But as I said, if I wanted to have morning and evening sex on a daily basis, I'd be wearing the darn thing for 3/4 of the day every day!

I've read some women put it in every night before bedtime, while doing the bedtime toothbrushing/makeup removal routine, just in case they were gonna get laid. I never did that.
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