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Default and so...

Labels. Humans like labels. We like to organize, categorize, collate and tabulate. We like order and clarity, organization and a well oiled machine. We like control and dismissal, cold, calculated, tidy.

We don't truly like these things. We just think we do.

In reality, humans are messy.

For instance, I have many labels that could be applied to me. Often, they might seem contradictory, yet they are all bits of me that are true. The atheists would call me a Christian, the Christians would call me a heretic. My children call me mom, my husband calls me baby, my girlfriend called me sweetheart, and my mom doesn't call me. I am a polyamorous bisexual married female, a birth and breastfeeding advocate, a fierce believer in personal rights and the responsibilities thereof, a bit of a rational anarchist with some socialist leanings, a lover of both science and spirit as twin cords that weave the Universe. Some people call me hippie mama with love and affection, some call me a damn dirty hippie with distaste in their mouths. I've been called a breeder and a leech, a pariah for sheer number of children alone. I'm a natural submissive with a taste for an edge of pain on my pleasure. I'm a vegetarian, but not because I think eating meat is inherently wrong. I don't shave my legs or my armpits; I do pluck my facial hair. I drink books like water, music like wine, and sex like hard whiskey. I love Love. Love fixes everything. I am a friend, an enemy, a lover and a fighter, a passivist and peace activist, a caretaker, cook, and chauffeur. I'm also the laundry lady. I am the mom who helps out in the kindergarten class. I have several tattoos and will probably have more before I'm done. I believe boobs make the whole world better, for many and varied reasons. I am the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, and my kids know it. I believe in prayer and in research. I only wear underwear because my husband likes sexy panties. I also like to wear long skirts and head scarves. I rarely wear makeup, but some days I drip with jewelry. I miss my dreadlocks, and want them back.

I am painfully human. Hello, fellow travelers. My name is Josephine.

I may continue to lurk awhile longer before I speak much more. I am glad to have found this place.
Women and cats will do what they want, men and dogs will have to get used to it. ~~ Heinlein
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