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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I'm pretty sure that anyone who is not a sociopath will have some level of repulsion at the idea of non-consensual sex of any variety.
This is entirely from your own perspective as it is debatable and ultimately no one really knows if compassion is intrinsic to all creatures or even just Humanity.~
But that's getting off-topic.~


My feelings are more directed towards all creatures in general in relation to consent, one of the reasons I can not stand "pets" being treated as "slaves" and "property".~

When I see people in BDSM related play, I do not feel rage, because I assume that is consensual and they appear to be enjoying themselves.~

We as a species can not clearly understand others outside our own species and so non-Humans do not have that luxury of being able to give their "consent" of being in a cage like a Human can.~

I myself enjoy watching some BDSM acts, but I know because of my wild nature I would not be able to engage in such play willingly.~
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