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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I'm pretty sure that anyone who is not a sociopath will have some level of repulsion at the idea of non-consensual sex of any variety.

Is there a widely practiced trend of non-consensual acts perpetrated in the BDSM world? I think it's odd when discussing sexual practices and preferences that making the designation "as long as it is consensual" is required. I realize that there will always be rare villains out there who will enslave people... but is it really so common in the BDSM environment that consensual needs to be a staple prefix?
It's more the other way around. I'm trying to explain that despite engaging in BDSM activity, and being totally ok with other people doing the same thing (intellectually), I'm uncomfortable watching people as I can't really differentiate when I'm not part of the scene.
So I'm not saying: "oh, but it's only fine when it's consensual", which I assume is obvious. I'm saying "even when it's consensual, and even though I think people should totally be able to do it, and even though I enjoy doing myself on a regular basis, watching does nothing for me and makes me feel horrible"

My point is that not being into BDSM isn't a pre-requisite to being completely turned off by seeing it done by strangers.
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