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Thanks Nyc, I was hoping for an online kick-up the ass!
So I took your advice,5 minutes after I read it, called him, we have set to meet on Friday but no actual plan yet.

Yo started text chat back up and wanted to meet. I told him that my paradigm has shifted and I am not seeing anyone new who does not make me a priority. No more "BTW I have some free time, whatcha doing?' I think he got the message. We might meet up in a couple of weeks to say "hi", but again he didn't actually book the time.

I am not making any huge shifts with Prof and Kip yet. Kip is an easy schedule, but Prof will lose Weds priority if I meet someone who wants to make time for time me on a regular basis. Often Wednesday is the only night I have without my kids.

I am scheduling like crazy at work and it starts to bleed over! Commit to a day and time or get to the back of the line!

But Prof is still scheduled in for tonight. For now!!!!
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