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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
Something caught my eye in another thread I was reading, the BDSM one. Mono, you referred to the 'culture' of BDSM and I wondered. What define's 'culture' and 'community' in the poly sense? Can you be part of the poly culture and not the community? Just thinking out loud
Interesting question. I think my relationship with BDSM is a better example for clarity. I enjoy BDSM with Redpepper. I like public events and "in the bedroom". I'm not sure if I would like private play parties as they would probably involve a level of open sexuality that I am not interested in. We'll see I think

With Redpepper I explore and enjoy the culture of BDSM as in the activities and energies. I do not consider myself a part of the community nor do I wish to be identified as part of that community with such things as online profiles. . (I do have one but it is essentially blank and I use it for the sole purpose of lurking LOL) When I am at public events with her I am in character, outside of that its business as usual; my play is with her.

So the short answer…Culture involves activities and how I live my life whether with others or not. Community refers to a collection of people for me.
The poly community is not necessary to me but I've never been big on needing community of any sort; the poly culture is important because it allows me to have Redpepper in my life.

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