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Default Welcome & thanks !

Originally Posted by lovebird13 View Post
.........but I also feel a personal dedication to catch myself when I'm doing it and really try to stay open.
Many swingers are against poly. Many poly people seem to be judgmental about swinging. There are narrow minded people everywhere. I don't want to be against anything... I strive to connect with the open, free spirited, happy people who don't have to label themselves or others to feel safe.
Allowing the LOVE force to flow through me again is fantastic, healing and a blessed feeling.
Hi Lovebird and thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts.

I agree that for the most part the folks I see contribute here are pretty aware of the human frailties inherent in the beast.

Fear of change (our views etc) is always one of those big ones. There's safety (false) in thinking we have it all "figured out". Hey - it's where religion got such a deep foothold !

Happy to see you dug deep into your own personal sexuality and continue to. Very healthy and to be admired !

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