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Default I know exactly what your talking about

and to be honest, I have never gotten that feeling from activist LGBT people or LGBT people in general. They hold pride events and the certainly are proud to be who they are, but in no way do they have that attitude of "more evolved" and "more enlightened" and superior in any way, that is definitely a poly thing.

Religions/spiritual groups as well as the some Atheists are the only other groups that tend to have these comical attitudes.

But even then, of those four groups and the 25%-35% of them that believe they are superior (and it rarely is more than 1/4 of them it is just that they are often the most vocal so it only appears to be more) out of that 25-35% it is only a very small minority of the of the high horsers that really offend me.

And to be honest, it does seem to be phenomena restricted to polymamory, but I don't want to knock poly because of the few bad apples so I won't get into the ugly specifics but rather just mentions it generally. I call them the mind fuckers, the ones who jargon that is so interchangeable with normal everyday speech that it one wouldn't pick up on it unless you were one of the mind fuckers.

the easiest way to describe it is in the Jack London Story "jerry of the islands"

It's one of the least know series by the author and it is written somewhat from the perspective of a dog. Somewhere in the book he mentions how a dog doesn't understand english per se, but they can tell when their owner is talking about them.

It's a lot like the jargon that the offenders use, except the difference is that a dog has an owner and a master, the poly jack asses do not, it is just their ego and sic need of the typical male pathological disease which is the need to exert control over others against their will, it is the exact same sickness of rape culture. Consent doesn't give them the feel of power they get when there is nothing that the victim can do it about.

It's the exactly mentality that dinged heart alludes to with the "wet nose"

The only people that I cannot tolerate nor respect are the ones who continue to do so simply because they can, they will violate those who are defenseless and honestly do not stop until you force them to, which can and does get ugly, in the 1700s it was known as tyranny

and yes it is a problem

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