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Default Finding my way

I met my first BDSM oriented friend last July. He's a switch and being with him was completely confusing to me. I adore him, but our chemistry has never been that easy. "Good morning! Great day for a good choking" completely threw me off!!! ha ha!

But it turned me on the the world and now I keep meeting people who are way more experienced.

I've been reading The new Bottoming Book by the authors of The Ethical Slut. It's a great book, very practical.

I've been playing with a guy who is also inexperienced and I've discovered that I really like being restrained. Not so much into pain. He's not a great talker so it's winding down as he has not complied with even my most basic requests for talking before and after scenes.

I like having sex after. I don't see the point in not, but I'm open to understanding that perspective.

My new love who I'm hoping to move into a poly situation with, is a very experienced dom and is also liking being a sub recently. It's an exciting time and I'm loving learning about myself from this perspective.
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