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So Sunday was a largely down day with one hell of a twist at the end. Day starts off with a drop from Lamian mentioning that she's going to have fire cupping done that day in front of Seven and I. This was something we had spent a couple of weeks looking into and the only reason we hadn't yet is because we didn't have the proper glassware for it.

Later on met up a friend who is going through something similar (he had his two secondaries break up with him this week because of life getting hectic to the point they don't have time). Another time of talking about him that just made me upset because of how much I still love him.

Later on, in between Six Flags and the fire cupping visit (that Seven was going to with Lamian and Darkeyes even though he wasn't being invited to participate), a friend Katterina came by. She was originally only going to stay for a little bit but she and I started talking (she also just had a break-up because she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her). During that talk I found out a bit of how Seven is doing with this. And it's not well. Even though he's not much of a crier, she commented anytime he talked about me his face would fall and most of his talking was just of how he regretted what he did. She even said to me that she may talk to Lamian about the fact that how she's been acting in regards to my relationship with Seven isn't fair. Lamian had seen that because she didn't want something happening (even though she didn't mention it until she snapped about it) that he had been cheating on her with me for 18 months (even though she had said us being together was fine). Katterina hopes that if someone not in the mix of things points out that Lamian expects and demands that Seven give her fair run to have her relationship with Darkeyes go however they want the fact she didn't allow that with us is a double standard she shouldn't be holding and she needs to be okay with us back together.

That night I woke up about 2ish and saw him up. He mentioned that he told Lamian how what she said had hurt me and she told him she would apologize to me (hasn't happened yet and she did see me yesterday). When he got up to "go back to his nightmares" he reached out for me and we held hands for a little bit.

I couldn't get back to sleep till about 4. Then woke up around 4:45. Taboo (that's the husky who will not be getting a nickname) woke up Seven around 5 to go out for a little bit. After that we ended up cuddling/talking a little. He told me that he still loves me and wants me back more than anything. He also stated that even though he isn't any of these things now he still thinks of and has the emotions of being my boyfriend and my protector (which he did say even though he wasn't my boyfriend right now he will still protect me) and everything else. I told him that I was in the same position. He then said that even though he had done this in an attempt to not end up losing Lamian he's feeling like he may still have to end things with her. And that because of how much stress he's under right now in regards to that is why he isn't ready to start back up with me. After all that (and a bunch of us telling each other again that we love the other) we actually ended up going to sleep on the couch together so we could hold each other.

The next morning I realized that I can't let him go. So I let him know that whenever it gets to the point we can be together I will be waiting. Because I want him back just as much. Brought the first smile I've seen on his face in weeks. So, I guess things are slowly getting repaired there. Now I just wait.
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