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Default The need to label

I'm new here. After reading most of this thread, what struck me the most was how on every site I've checked out and every group I've been around,
(swinger, BDSM, fetish, poly, vintage trailer, modern design enthusiasts, 'spiritual' people, essential oil lovers, pagans, etc., etc., ) there is the tendency to speak from an 'US and THEM' perspective. I realize it is human nature to want to belong and feel a part of, but I also feel a personal dedication to catch myself when I'm doing it and really try to stay open.

I am what is know as a unicorn (single woman)in the swinger world. I did not want involvement past a certain level. In 3 years, that world provided me what I needed to go fully into my sexuality and find out more about myself than 15 years of therapy, workshops, meditation, etc. I have found power in myself as a woman that I never knew I had. I have become an amazing lover with many skills. I have learned so much about sexuality in general and I'm still learning how much more there always is to learn.

Many swingers are against poly. Many poly people seem to be judgmental about swinging. There are narrow minded people everywhere. I don't want to be against anything... I strive to connect with the open, free spirited, happy people who don't have to label themselves or others to feel safe.

I always idealized poly as the future for me and now it may be happening with someone I met through swinging. Allowing the LOVE force to flow through me again is fantastic, healing and a blessed feeling. I do not feel I would have been ready for this and all the challenges it presents had I not done the swinger thing first.

So grateful to have found this site.
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