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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I agree GS, there is a spiritual connection. I feel it from a similar place quite often when I am being spiritual or having sex. Having a spiritual nature I think that I reach that place often in many ways.
That Aphrodite's Temple sounds interesting. Please keep us posted !

But besides that, I understand your framework of "spiritual" although for myself I'm not sure it would be my (sole) description of the phenom. In some cases it's almost "scientific".

K for example is what is commonly called an "empath". For anyone not familiar, that is an ability (gift or burden ?) to pick up people's energy patterns intuitively. Hell, she can pick them up from across a parking lot !

But at least for me it's not confined to a spiritual etc experience as much as a different way of "seeing" the world and navigating in it. It gives you an option of reaching out and "connecting" with someone whenever you feel it's the right thing to do (for both). Sometimes it might be based on a perceived need, other times just a desire.

Have you maybe at some point in your life come across people that when in their presence, you come away with just a feeling of relief. Wholesomeness. Like some burden has been lifted. That's one manifestation of such things. People might just say "they make me laugh - or make me feel better". That kind of thing. They have classically alluded it to things like personality etc. But in reality - it's much more than that.

Anyway...........I'm rambling !
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