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Default Poly Partner + Business Partner

I acknowledge that underlying problems with our relationship are expressing themselves through pain because P and I have not created healthy space in the relationship (codependent?). 90% of our business happens in the summer months and we just finished our most intense season ever. We have not been good at keeping the stress from work out of our relationship. This is driving him to seek space for himself which I know is very important for P (but for some reason he thinks be can get personal space while also on a vacationship???)

If one good thing is to come of it I hope it will awaken us to the dangers of not creating healthy boundaries between romance and business. Even with all my pain I know I am a "hopeful romantic"

On another note...What are your opinions on me talking directly to M to try to make her feel more comfortable? Should I "mind my own business" or is this now my business to mind? M and I have had several heart to hearts in person last time she visited but they circled round and round and didn't really conclude anything. I wish I had known at the time how to explain to a mono what poly is all it ok for me to reach out in friendship to her now? It would be long distance which runs the risk of miscommunication and then P might get upset at me if she can't handle talking to me...
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