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Doing great.

Happy to be back in school.

I love my Social Psychology class.
The Abnormal Psychology class-bleh. Tolerably dull.
TA'ing for Stats-a blast!

Starting to identify people in my classes that I have seen in other places on campus-which is kind of cool.

Hunting camp was a bust for getting a moose. But Sweet Pea took out 3 ptarmigan and made a nice dinner the last night. Little P had a BLAST and SourPea LOVED her daddy time.

Tomorrow Maca heads back out to Kodiak.
Will be crazy busy around here.

GG was informed by his boss that he needs to decide his priority. Funny, I agree. In fact, I've said the same. At any rate, its become OBVIOUS to him that he needs to find a different job. This one expects him to drop everything at the drop of a hat-including the kids and that isn't acceptable. He's facing the reality that a career that requires he put the kids second-isn't going to work out. He isn't happy about it-he likes the work.
But-kids are only kids for a small amount of time. If you aren't there to make the best of it, you lose it.

Maca had to face that one years ago. He was so hurt when Sweet Pea didn't come running to him for things (age 5). It was a slap in the face to realize that while HE may have thought that going to work was taking care of the family, the kids just see it as leaving.
Yes, eventually they learn about money and responsibility. But they don't learn that for years. In the meantime-all they know is that you aren't there. They learn to depend on others.

Now, Sour Pea is 6 and GG is learning the same lesson. It's interesting to watch. I learned that lesson with Spicy Pea.

Our country just doesn't prioritize parenting at all.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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