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It's been a while since I've posted or read on here. I'm trying to learn a programming language and I've had a lot of work on the computer, so typing long posts is daunting these days. Email is enough for the moment.

I just wanted to pipe up and share how wonderful my weekend was!! I went to a poly meet and met redpepper, Mono and Nerdist, (oh my gosh, I can't remember his handle on here) and so many other wonderful people.

What a pleasure!!

All the kindness and love that people are sending my way is helping me to crack open. I'm being very honest with myself and learning new ways to be in the world. I'm facing my relationship challenges head on. I'm also giving people much more credit that they are willing to be accommodating towards me instead of assuming I will be misunderstood.

I'm feeling very grateful right now.

It feels so good knowing that I belong somewhere. That everyone belongs somewhere.
My heart is too big to fit into one person.
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