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Hello all,

I have bad news and it's not sitting well with me. Wifey has decided that she does not want to have a poly relationship because she can't deal with the fact that nikki and I are in love and during this dating process her and Nikki have been in she has blocked herself from having feelings for Nikki because she doesn't want to "share" me. She feels that I am the best and she wants me all to herself.

Since I feel like wifey is the best too that, that would be a reason as to why I would want to let Nikki experience that. I want Nikki to feel how hard she loves and how it feels to have such a great person in her live. Wifey feels like since I'm her "best" that she would rater keep me to her self.

To add to things Wifey had a conversation with Nikki telling her that she didnt have romantic feeling for her and that poly never seemd like a long term thing to her...Nikki wanting this relationship to work as much has I do told wifey that she was willing to do whatever it took to make this work but was hurt to hear that Wifey didnt have feeling for her. (even though she does have feelings for her.)

I'm NOT going to drop my feelings for Nikki because Wifey can't deal and I don't to be with someone who is selfish...which is how I feel she is being.

Wifey has contacted our poly councilor to schedule a meeting to see if she can work through dealing with my feelings for Nikki. But the problem is that since she told nikki she wasn't feeling her romanticly Nikki is also having second thoughts about being with wifey...

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