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Once more for those who REFUSE to read my previous posts:

I never said I wasn't ok with BDSM, I merely explained my thought processes (my wild animal nature) and why they are incompatible with BDSM play for me personally.~

I, just like many in the BDSM community probably do, highly value consent.~ By all means if you want it, go at it, I'll be cheering you on, go for it!~ Yeah!~ ^_^

Although, I don't know if this is related, but I also mentioned I would like to try out some VERY LIGHT whipping, not too hard spanking, not bloody scratching, and some biting I'll have to see how hard I like it I may like drawing blood with biting.~ ;3

Is this last part a sadist thing, because I feel it is more like a wild animal thing?~

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