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london ~ "ironic thing to say considering you totally misinterpreted my post."

Originally Posted by london View Post
here i was saying that a lot of people who have been deemed insane would also agree that non consensual violence is wrong

Well actually I did misunderstand the "sane" and "insane" parts of your post, I'm sorry about that, and so I have cut those parts out of my prveious post concerning that, but I did not make ANYTHING seem like ANYTHING else, I said what I meant and I am not responsible for anyone else's interpretation of my words.~ Everything I say is meant to be taken literally with NO "implied" "value" or "meaning" "left unsaid but implied", if I haven't said it I haven't said it. I think the problem is that many people READ MY POSTS REALLY FAST WITHOUT TAKING THE TIME TO READ IT OVER AGAIN IN CASE THEY TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD IT!~ XD

^_^ You are totally right, it's like everyone doesn't bother to read more than a glance at any of my posts since all the words are there, they just don't seem to be making any sense as they were typed to be in other people's heads!~ XD

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